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  • Are they safe for animals?
    Yes, as long as you adjust dosage. We do plan to develop a pet specific product line.
  • Are these products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?
    This is something you should also speak to your health provider about before starting a product.
  • What product will help with [symptom/concern]…and/or I am looking for a product to help with [concern]?
    To find your exact answer for an immediate response; go to our store website (, please click on the search icon at the top of each page, type in a keyword/concern, and any related product(s) will show up in the results. To see more of an elaborate description click on the product and read the full product description. If there still are no products that show up in the results for your concern, then please reach out to Misty through the contact us page and let us know exactly the keyword you are searching for.
  • Are there any discounts or ordering multiple products?
    At this time, no. Pupillams strives to offer the best price for all products no matter if there is inflation happening or competition in the market.
  • How do I find out my order number/order details/ shipping information?
    Check your email for an update/order confirmation after ordering for details. Note: the email make have went to a spam/junk folder. Add Pupillams to your favorites (in your email) to hopefully prevent this from happening when ordering in the future.
  • Will you bring back a [certain product] or Are you planning to add “new” products?
    Some products are seasonal so yes some will be back. It will be a few months before any “new” products become available.
  • How long does a bottle of tincture last?
    There are approximately 60 doses in a 2oz bottle and approximately 120 doses in a 4oz bottle (length of time depends on how frequently they are taken).
  • Are they safe for kids?
    Apple Cider Vinegar can be given to children; you just need to decrease dosage depending on age.
  • How long does it take for a product to work?
    Each person & condition is different so results may differ.
  • Do you have to stop taking a tincture/using a balm after a period of time?
    None of the Pupillams tinctures/balms need to be stopped after a period of time.
  • When are Restocks/do you have a “notify me” button or email update for restock information?
    Pupillams restocks daily of any products that we have produced that day. To get frequent updates about products/restocks make sure you have email notifications turned on for this forum. Also to get push notifications sent to your phone about restocks, download the app that goes along with this forum.
  • Is it okay to take vitamins with the tinctures? Is it okay to take pharmaceuticals/prescriptions/over-the-counter medications with the tinctures?
    Vitamins- yes it is safe. Pharmaceuticals/prescriptions/otcs - it is better to discuss with your care provider prior to starting a tincture/balm as we (Pupillams) cannot safely advise on this matter.
  • Is it okay to mix tinctures/take multiple together at once?
    Yes, it is perfectly safe (for Pupillams tinctures specifically).
  • Can you mix the tinctures in a drink (juice, coffee, tea, water, etc)?
    Yes, pretty much any liquid can be used for mixing.
  • Will this show up on a drug test/will I get drunk from the products?
    No they will not show up on a drug test, as they do not have any ingredients related to such. If you are following the dosage information it will not effect you in getting you drunk.
  • Are products temperature sensitive?
    Balms will melt when exposed to extreme heat for a prolonged period such as very high heat. Tinctures are not so much heat sensitive but you do want to store them out of direct sunlight so they do not degrade
  • How strong scented are the balms?
    They have scents but the scents are pure essential oils intended for their actions (no perfume oils are used).
  • What are the differences in the bases?
    We have three different bases for each tincture but there are absolutely no differences between them past the base that was used during extraction from the plant. They are all equally as effective. We offer the three different bases to help sell to more customers; such as people with allergies who are allergic to a specific base and also to be inclusive to people living sober and children.
  • Do tinctures/balms expire?
    Apple Cider Vinegar based products have a 2 year shelf life. Alcohol based products have a 5 year shelf life. Balms have a 1 year shelf life.
  • How do I use the balms?
    Check out the product description on the specific balm you would like/purchased for detailed information on each one.
  • What is the best way to take tinctures/how should I take them?
    Either take it straight or mix with the liquid of your choice. You can also drop directly under your tongue and let it absorb for 30 seconds then spit it out or swallow.
  • How many drops should I take? When is the best time to take them?
    Dosage Chart: (Typically) Small Child 2-3 drops Middle Child 5-7 drops Pre-Teen 7-10 drops Teens/Adults 15-25 drops No specific time of day required, normally taken daily.
  • What is your processing/shipping time frame?
    7-9 business days on all orders, this is also listed in the user friendly banner at the top of each page.
  • How often can balms be used?
    Apply as needed.

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